Should I Rent or Buy a Continuous Inkjet Printer?

A continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) is a significant expenditure for a business. Whether you choose to purchase or rent a new CIJ, you will be spending money to get the printing capability that you need. Here are some things to consider when making the important decision to rent or buy a new CIJ:


Buying a new continuous inkjet printer is expensive, but eventually it pays for itself. Renting or leasing a continuous inkjet printer may be less expensive upfront, but you never own it, and that may cost you more in the long run. Owning a CIJ also means you need to pay for service, maintenance and support separately. Where renting one bundles these costs into the standard monthly rate.

Rent or buy a continuous inkjet printer

So, if you don’t want the hassle of paying for service, maintenance and support separately, then renting is a better option. Another advantage of renting equipment also allows you to budget for your printing costs by establishing a set rate, where buying an industrial inkjet might occasionally require routine maintenance or repairs which cannot always be predicted.

Printing Workload

How often do you print? Do you need a continuous inkjet for printing all of the time? Or just occasionally? It may save money if you just need a printer for a month, week or even just a day, if you rent. If you are using printers constantly, it might be a better option to purchase a CIJ because it is an important piece of capital equipment used in your business and can have depreciation written off as time passes.


All equipment breaks down from time-to-time. If renting marking and coding equipment, this is the responsibility of the vendor who provided you with the equipment. If you own it, you need to handle the repairs. But the cost of repair may ultimately be less expensive than paying for it each month as part of a rental agreement.

Most rental companies have replacement equipment on hand and ready to deploy when a breakdown occurs, but–depending on the rental agreement–there may be some time before the rental company gets there to replace parts or make repairs. If you own the continuous inkjet you can have replacement parts on hand and may be able to either replace them yourself, or contact a qualified service technician that can service the printer faster than the rental company.

Saves Space

If unplanned downtime is a serious concern, then you need to have extra ink and solvent as well as spare parts (maybe even a back-up CIJ) on hand if you own the printer. This may take up valuable space if space is limited within your operation. If you rent equipment, the vendor keeps all of this at their facilities and deliver supplies and service on an as-needed basis.

Always Have State-of-the-Art Equipment Working for You

Technology becomes obsolete fast. There are always new features and improvements in speed and quality that occur with each release of new equipment. If you buy your own equipment, it may become obsolete and as a result, have your production lagging behind while you pay for the equipment to get a proper return on your investment in it.

Renting Conserves Capital Expenditures

Because you can accurately predict your printing costs, CIJ rental keeps your capital free to use where it is needed for most. Also, because rented equipment doesn’t appear as a liability on a balance sheet, it may make borrowing capital for other investments easier. But you cannot take depreciation deductions for rental equipment, so you lose some tax advantage there.


Both options–owning and renting–an industrial continuous inkjet printer have advantages and disadvantages. You need to select the best option for you based on the needs of your business.

Looking for a Continuous Inkjet Printer Rental?

All Pro Technical Service can help. We can sell you a new industrial inkjet printer or provide continuous inkjet printer rentals or for lease. We also service, support and provide CIJ supplies such as industrial inkjet ink and solvent. Allow one of our continuous inkjet printer specialists help determine the best option for your business by calling (636) 724-0332 or fill out our online contact form for more information today.

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