5 Things You Should Look for in a Production Line Inkjet Printer

Buying a production line inkjet printer is a significant investment for your business. Here are 5 things you should look for when making this important purchase:

1. Fast Printing Speed

On the production line, time is money, and your production line inkjet printer needs to be able to keep pace with the speed of everything else within the system. Make sure you know how many characters per second your production line requires in order to select an industrial inkjet that can deliver that speed. In addition, your continuous inkjet printer should not take a while to warm up. It should be ready for printing within one minute.
Products printed by a production line inkjet printer
\For example, Leibinger printers use an automatic Sealtronic nozzle seal to create a hermetically sealed, airtight circuit to prevent the ink from drying out and allowing the ink to flow quickly upon startup, no matter how long the production line has been down.

2. Intuitive, User-Friendly Design

If your production line continuous inkjet printer is difficult to use, this decreases productivity. Look for a continuous inkjet system that is easy to read, well-lit, easy to program and has the ability to easily create and edit jobs on the fly during production.

3. Durability

One of the major issues with some production line inkjet printers is that they tend to break down or clog at the most inconvenient times. A solid industrial inkjet printer must be durable and be able to sustain the rigor of daily production without breaking down or clogging. The printer should be of a solid construction and able to handle the daily wear and tear of life on the production line.

4. Availability of Ink, Solvents and Service

Since the most important aspect of a production line is to keep it running, you cannot afford to have it stop because you run out of industrial inkjet ink or solvent. Have a reliable resource on hand that provides the specific ink formulation in the colors that you require, as well as solvents and replacement parts for your continuous inkjet.
Having well-trained, certified continuous inkjet service technicians available to troubleshoot, make repairs or replace parts is also important to minimize downtime. So, select a production line inkjet printer that has an excellent service team at its disposal as well.

5. Compatibility with Other Production Line Equipment

We all know that there is no such thing as a standard production line. Each production facilitym and each production line within that facility, is a unique combination of equipment, speed, cabling and product to be marked. An excellent production line inkjet printer can fit into any production environment through the use of different ports and cabling, digital inputs and outputs, product detectors, shaft encoder input, and compatibility with different types of print head stands, floor and conveyor mounts, external warning lights/indicators, and much more.

All Pro Technical Service is Your One-Stop-Shop for Production Line Inkjet Printers

All Pro Technical Service carries a complete line of production line inkjet printers from Leibinger, Linx, Squid Ink, and Polytij. We also carry industrial inkjet ink and solvent for these industrial printers. If you need some help selecting the production line inkjet printer that is right for you, give us a call at (636) 724-0332 or fill out our online contact form to speak to production line inkjet printer expert today.

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