Equipment Leasing

productsAll Pro has partnered with American Packaging Capital to offer our customers additional financing options when purchasing our inkjet or laser systems. It is a very simple program – working from the quote we provide you on the printer or laser systems you need, you simply ask us to forward to you the “Calculated Payments” proposal page, which lists the dollar value of the system with leasing terms that start at twelve months and go all the way to sixty months. Choose the term you wish, complete a short one-page application that we sent you with the proposal and in a matter of a few days, you have the equipment you need.

Benefits of Lease Financing:

  • Lease financing preserves your working capital, freeing up cash flow and bank credit lines for other uses
  • Avoid capital budget constraints which often delay or prevent equipment acquisitions. With the smaller monthly payments that lease financing provides, you get quicker budget approvals and the equipment you need now!
  • Maximize your tax benefits by utilizing the IRS section 179 deduction. In some instances, the lease payment may be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense. Consult your tax consultant for your specific situation.
  • Most importantly, the value of the equipment is in its use, not its ownership. Financing enables you to pay for the equipment with the labor/material savings from its use instead of working capital.
All Pro is your equipment specialist  and American Packaging Capital is your equipment financing specialist!
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