Interesting Features and Benefits of a Squid Ink Laser Printer

Squid Ink offers two different models of laser coding systems: the SQ-10 that uses a 10W laser, and the SQ-30, that features a 30W laser. Designed primarily for high-speed coding for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic product markets, the Squid Ink Laser Printer is well suited to meet the stringent requirements of these industries. Here are a few of the other features and benefits of the Squid Ink Laser Printer:

Squid Ink Laser Printer

High-Quality Printing

The Squid Ink Laser prints crisp images that can use a variety of different fonts, sizes, and logos in a single message. The letters do not have the “dot-matrix-like” look that so many continuous inkjet printers produce.

Ability to Print on a Wide Range of Surfaces

Squid lasers can permanently mark paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, leather, coated metal, and many other surfaces. This makes a Squid Ink Laser a versatile addition to your production line, especially if your coding and marking needs require you to print on more than one type of surface.

No Ink or Consumables Necessary

One of the major costs of continuous inkjet printers is the industrial inkjet ink and solvent supply needed to keep them running. Because the Squid Ink Laser essentially “burns” the image onto the item to be marked, it does not require any ink or solvent to keep it marking. You don’t need to keep a supply of ink or solvent on-hand to keep the production line rolling, which keeps your cost of ownership low over time. Also, because there are no continuous inkjet ink or solvent chemicals necessary, the Squid Ink Laser is a cleaner, more eco-friendly option over a continuous inkjet printer.

Easy to Use

The Squid Ink Laser Printer uses intuitive touchscreen software that is built right into the controller. It also includes a focus finder and code area preview window for setting up the product for marking before production begins. The unit is small and easy to set up and install in different production environments.

Optional Accessories Available

With options available such as an encoder to use in operations with variable speed conveyors and heavy-duty mobile stands that can rotate the laser controller in any direction and raise and lower the marking machine, the Squid Ink Laser Printer is an excellent, cost-effective coding and marking machine option for your operation. Onsite installation and training is another option available to you.

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