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All Pro Technical Service, Inc. is an authorized distributor of the Evolution line of Inkjet Printers

Compare these features with your current printer:

  • Simple to use - ready to install right out of the box.
  • Uses clean HP cartridges - no messy ink or aerosol cans.
  • Complete system includes mounting bracketry, a hand held controller and the printhead module. You can customize with add-on printheads, additional software, etc.
  • Delivers bold, highly legible characters at 300 dpi up to 200 feet per minute
  • Prints a one line message ½" high or two lines 7/32" high.
    Evolution 3 can stitch up to 4 heads together and give you a 2 inch by 24 inch print window with print height up to 2 inches tall.
  • Cartridges packaged in bulk packs of six each; colors available are black, red, green, blue and yellow in the porous, and black, blue and red in the semi-porous. We will stock your colors for immediate shipment.
  • Prints text, dates, barcodes, sequential numbers, batch codes-whatever you need.

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Evolution 2 -
Evolution 3 -