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Squid Ink’s Co-Pilot printing system offers several advantages
over competitive HP® or Lexmark® - based printing systems.
With the Co-Pilot, users can expect 30% larger print, increased
throw distance, 5 times larger ink volume, the ability to upgrade
to a 2nd print head, and much more.

The system is capable of running oil-based or solvent-based
inks to print up to 185 dpi at 135ft/min on a variety of
substrates and provides darker print for increase scan rates

Squid Ink’s Co-Pilot 382 printing system is designed to print superior quality hi-resolution characters of either porous or non-porous surfaces. With up to 2.1” of print height per print head and the ability to run up to 2 print heads from one controller, the Co-Pilot 382 offers a versatile, yet cost effective solution for your coding and marking applications.

The Squid UV LED Curing System from Squid Ink offers accurate and consistent UV curing across a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need to cure ink on metal, glass, automotive products, plastics, electronics and more, you’re sure to find the right solution with Squid Ink’s new UV Curing System

Squid Hi Resolution Printers - CO-Pilot
Squid Hi Resolution Printers - Co-Pilot 382
Squid UV System - UV Curable