Leibinger Continuous Inkjet
Linx Continuous Inkjet
Squid Hi Resolution prinetrs
Polytij Thermal Inkjet systems
Rofin Laser Marking Systems
Xymark Laser Marking Systems
Bofa Extractors and Filters
Digital Design-Evolution HP Marking Systems
Conveyors, Stands and other peripheal equipment
Inks & Solvents

We have a complete line of fluids for all product lines:

  • ink and solvent for the Linx and Leibinger printers including pigmented and some specialty fluids.
  • ink cartridges for the Evolution
  • inks and cleaning solution for the Squid large character printers
  • thermal inks for the Polytij printers
  • laser coolant (Xymark & Rofin)

CIJ inks and solvents -
Hi-Res Inks -