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Users of small character Continuous Ink-Jet (CIJ) printers have come to rely on this amazing technology as an integral part of the production process. CIJ is the most flexible and versatile on-line printing technology available and covers the broadest range of coding and marking applications with very few limitations.

The overall performance of CIJ printers has improved over the past 30 years but many companies would like to see further improvements in reliability, maintenance, and cost of operation. Difficulty starting the printer after being shut down for a day or longer and having to clean the print-head frequently with harsh solvents are common issues with conventional ink-jets.

Leibinger has designed a CIJ printer that all but eliminates these issues. Leibinger’s unique print-head design retracts the ink gutter into the nozzle when the printer is shut down to form an air tight seal, protecting these key components. Charge electrodes also stay clean, keeping print quality consistent. The end result is reliability and efficiency not possible with conventional CIJ printers. The frequency of Leibinger print-head maintenance is typically months instead of every few days or even daily.

When the printer is started, ink stream pressure is stabilized before the gutter returns to the open position. This is where conventional ink-jets falter because the ink-stream can “wobble” while pressure is building and contaminate the narrow slot within the charge electrodes causing poor print quality, fault conditions and messy clean-up.

Leibinger Features, Benefits & Facts

  1. Exclusive Automatic Air-Tight Nozzle & Gutter Seal prevents clogging and reduces print-head cleaning to not more than once monthly
  2. Stand-By Mode assures instant start-up no matter how long printer is inactive
  3. Large WYSIWYG Color Touch Screen with “Hot Keys” is very user-friendly
  4. Up to 5 lines of print with Logo’s, Bar Codes & 2D Data Matrix
  5. Drag & Drop Message Formatting & Editing Makes Message set-up simple
  6. Data & Error Logging keeps records of all message changes & printer events
  7. 1024 Message Internal Memory with USB Port for Data Back-Up & Cloning
  8. Scan & Print Option auto-loads messages via hand-held bar code scanner
  9. Stainless Steel Industrial Grade IP54 or IP65 Cabinets
  10. Dust-Proof Option keeps positive sir purge on cabinets & print-head
  11. Sealed Electronics Module requires no cooling fan or cabinet air filter
  12. Thermally Isolated Fluids Module minimizes solvent consumption
  13. EcoSolve Option can further reduce solvent consumption by up to 50%
  14. Clean, Odorless Ink & Solvent Filling
  15. Ethernet, USB, RS232 & Programmable I/O Communication Ports are standard
  16. Quick & Easy Maintenance, No System Flush required
  17. Pigmented white, silver & light blue inks run reliably as dye-based dark inks
  18. Over 10,000 Leibinger Ink-Jet printers in service globally
  19. Local parts, fluids & service support
  20. Two Year Standard Warranty
    jet 2 neo

Jet NEO - Leibunger NEO printer
JET 3 - Leibinger Jet 3
Jet 2 - Leibinger Jet 2